Tile installation supplies: your foundation to a perfect floor

When it comes to achieving flawless tile flooring, the beauty isn’t just in the tile itself but also in the materials that lie beneath it. While most homeowners focus on the aesthetics of the tile, professionals understand the importance of quality tile installation supplies. These materials guarantee not only the durability of your flooring but also its longevity and resistance to damage. At First Flooring & Tile, we offer a comprehensive range of materials needed to lay tile floors. Dive into our guide below to understand what goes behind the scenes of a perfect tile installation.

Surface-preparation products

  • Leveling compounds: Before any tiles can be laid down, the surface underneath must be smooth and even. Leveling compounds ensure an even base, eliminating any surface imperfections, dips, or bumps.
  • Primers: Especially crucial for surfaces that are either very porous or non-porous, primers enhance the bonding ability, ensuring that the subsequent layers stick effectively to the surface.

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Waterproofing products

  • Liquid membranes: These are applied as a liquid and, once dried, form a waterproof seal. Liquid membranes are perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, ensuring moisture doesn’t penetrate beneath the tiles, preventing mold and deterioration.
  • Waterproofing sheet membranes: These are sheets that are rolled out and bonded to the substrate. They're especially effective in areas with heavy moisture exposure, offering robust protection against potential water damage.

Choosing your tile installation materials

A. Mortars:

  • Thin-set mortar: This is a blend of cement, very finely graded sand, and a water retention compound that allows the cement to hydrate properly. Thin-set mortar is perfect for installing over clean, cured concrete and cement backer boards.
  • Large tile mortar: Specifically designed for larger tiles, this mortar provides a stronger bond, ensuring that heavy tiles remain firmly in place.

B. Adhesives:

  • Tile adhesive: Often used in place of mortar, tile adhesives are resin-based and provide a strong bond, making them ideal for vertical applications like wall tiles.
  • Epoxy resin adhesive: Perfect for areas with heavy traffic or where chemical resistance is crucial. These tile installation materials offer an ultra-strong bond and long-term durability.

C. Grouts:

By filling the gaps between your tiles, grouts not only give your flooring a finished look but also prevent moisture and dirt from getting beneath the tiles.

  • Unsanded grout: Ideal for narrow grout lines.
  • Sanded grout: Suited for broader grout lines, sanded grout is more durable and resistant to cracking.
  • Epoxy grout: Highly water and stain-resistant, epoxy grout is perfect for areas prone to moisture and spills.

D. Sealers:

  • Penetrating sealer: This sealer penetrates the grout, offering protection from within. This tile installation material is ideal for preventing moisture penetration and staining.
  • Surface sealer: By creating a protective layer on the surface, this sealer ensures your grout remains free from stains, mold, and mildew.
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